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We believe in only the highest standards of physical fitness training. Since being founded in 2000, our staff members are actively enriching the lives of our members and creating a community of like-minded people who love being healthy, strong, and more in touch with their bodies.

Other than Pilates sessions, we also believe in expanding our Pilates community. We provide Pilates Training, manufacture Pilates Equipments (right here in India) and we offer services that will help you set up your OWN PILATES STUDIO. 

Getting you in shape is our goal. Sign up today!



Dr. Namita Agarwal, the founder of Fitness Fusion, is a passionate fitness expert. She acquired her training at Jackie Sorenson's Dance and Aerobic Workout (Australia) in 1991, Reebok India and Pilates training by South African Pilates Master trainers Caroline Bosch & Dabie Mendes, Reformer & other Pilates equipment training from Claudel in Singapore apart from attending many training workshops of Reebok, India. She keeps herself updated in her field by avidly reading books and interacting with like-minded experts along with attending workshops on the latest techniques offered. She is also one of the first in Delhi to teach Mat & Reformer Pilates – an exercise that tones the body improves posture, stamina, flexibility, and also helps acquire a stone flat stomach. Namita has been actively spreading fitness awareness for the last 29 years and is an expert Pilates trainer for more than a decade & a half now. She has also successfully completed training in Gyrokinesis & Gyrotonics from Singapore.

She is also a certified ULU Aerial Yoga/ Pilates instructor. She has co-authored a book titled ‘Fix It: Before It Breaks, Move It Or Lose It’ for the Indian Society for Bone and Mineral Research. Have successfully organized Osteoporosis awareness walk on International Osteoporosis Day, 20th October for many years and creating awareness about the silent killer disease (Osteoporosis) among masses and especially elderly people. She is also trained in Bio-Yoga, Kriya-Yoga, Reiki healing, Aura healing, and Tarot card reading.

She has been bestowed an award by Bharat Nirman for her contribution to spreading health & fitness awareness.


Our body is a beautiful instrument that hosts the divine and the true potential. For me, being FIT means “Being For Inner Transformation”. My vision is to bring awareness and tools to people so that they can keep this divine instrument fit and are able to express their true potential and thereby manifest the divine in their lives. SO BE FIT AND KNOW YOURSELF.


Fitness Fusion - The Pilates Studio, the first fully equipped Pilates studio in New Delhi, is a pioneer in offering high-quality, customized, one-on-one Reformer Pilates sessions. We are the first in India to introduce a new and holistic form of Pilates ‘Aura Pilates By Namita’, a unique, tailor-made program that improves the strength, balance, posture, and functional movement patterns of our clients.


Our underlying philosophy at Fitness Fusion - The Pilates Studio is that different bodies have different needs; and our mission is to work with each person as an individual, with their unique sets of needs and goals. We welcome people of all ages and with any level of physical ability.

We are fully trained and are equipped to work with all types of injuries as well, which is our forte.

Our Studio is fully equipped with all Pilates equipment like Reformers, Cadillac, Wall Units, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector, Ladder Barrel, Gym Balls, Magic Rings, Medicine Balls, Foam Rollers, Trampolines and Bosu, and Aerial Pilates.

We also have the cardiovascular section consisting of Cross Trainer, Spinning Bike, Vibration Plate along with other fitness accessories to provide our customers full access to their choice of fitness regime.


Our USP is that we are the only one in India to have an Infrared Sauna, which is great for Detoxification, burning calories, improving blood circulation, increasing heart frequency & metabolism; a great add-on to your regular fitness schedule!


We lay great emphasis on a holistic way to fitness and have separate meditation and consultation rooms. In addition, we also have a shower facility for clients.

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